Congratulations! You have chosen to take a first step towards a lifestyle that produces less waste. Your kit contains durable items that will replace the “disposables” found in the vast majority of Quebec homes. In this guide you will find information about the products, their uses, their maintenance, as well as the history of the craftsmen who make them. RECURER TAMPON (Tawashi) Eco-responsible scouring stamp, of incomparable quality. Essential in the kitchen and bathroom. Handmade by Captain Crochete. Uses: Scouring pads can be used safely on a wide variety of surfaces (perform a small test on any new surface): Stainless steel, non-stick coating of pans, molds and plates, ceramics, ceramics, ceramics, glass, plastic, silicone, enamel, dishes, cast iron, the inside of the oven, and more! Sustainability: Captain Crochet’s scouring pads are eco-responsible because only one replaces several traditional green pads that degrade rapidly. Their durability varies depending on the use. Generally, at least several months (years) are required to overcome it! Over time, the colour can change without affecting the effectiveness. Maintenance: After use, wring and suspend to dry. To clean a tawashi, simply soak it in almost boiling water with a little baking soda. It can also be put in the top basket of the dishwasher. Each purchase contributes to the support of the Véro and Louis Foundation: Captain Crochete is proud to support the Véro and Louis Foundation, which aims to provide autistic people aged 21 and over with a long-term residence, a healthy and loving living environment and qualified staff while providing peace of mind for parents. For more information, visit: Support a mother-in-one: Captain Crochète was founded in 2013 by a mother at home to three young boys. It gives me great pleasure to crochet scouring pads and eco-responsible exfoliating sponges of incomparable quality. Thank you for encouraging a small Quebec company. Composition: 100% resistant nylon net KLIIN TOWEL Offered under a multitude of colorful designs and designed in Quebec, KLIIN is a revolution for the maintenance of the house. No more conventional paper towel rolls! Made from 100% natural fibre, KLIIN is eco-friendly and absorbs up to 15 times its weight in water, in style!
  • At the end of their (long) useful life, they can be composted in 28 days – made with 100% natural fibre – Machine washable up to 300 times – Holds up to 15 times its weight in water.
The short story: It all started on the day Marie-Pierre Bérubé received a reusable paper towel as a gift from a friend following a trip to Europe. The look of the paper towel was beige, even banal. But from the first use, Marie-Pierre immediately saw its potential. After a few weeks, conventional paper towels were forgotten. BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH Namely: Bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource with natural antimicrobial properties. Moso bamboo, used to make Ola Bamboo products, is not consumed by pandas. It grows naturally without the addition of chemicals and can grow by 4 feet each day. The little story: OLA Bamboo products are designed in Quebec (Gatineau) and manufactured in China. This company decided to have its toothbrushes manufactured in China simply because the raw material, that is, bamboo, is found there. We ensure that our international partners meet product quality, working practices and employees’ health and safety requirements. Also, to reduce our ecological footprint, a part of the sales of our products made in China is used to plant trees in Quebec, with Compensation CO2. BAMBOO STRAWS – BRUSH Think of all the times you’ve used a disposable plastic straw. Each of these straws still pollutes today. They may have ended up in the wild or in the oceans where they were ingested by birds or fish. Just in the United States, 500 million straws are discarded annually. It’s time to opt for reusable straws! OLA Bamboo straws are perfect for cocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks or others. Maintenance: Don’t put in the dishwasher Clean with the brush provided for this purpose after each use Allow to dry in the open air before storing Put in compost when the straw is damaged, worn or broken. SANDWICH BAG: Sandwich bags are handmade, reusable, environmentally friendly, easy to wash and designed to replace Ziploc-type plastic bags. Maintenance: If they are not too dirty, clean the inside with a clean, damp cloth. They are machine washable and will not shrink. To dry them, hang them! In order for them to be clean on both sides, we recommend removing the outer coating before putting them in the washer. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE BAG Fillet bag for fruits and vegetables or for bulk. These bags are carefully crafted by Guy-Anne, a craftsman from Joliette. The fabrics vary according to his finds. The bags are machine washable and will keep their shape and colour for a very long time. Their transparency simplifies the work of cashiers who easily see the contents of bags and small labels affixed to fruits and vegetables. Can also be used as storage pouches when traveling or to carry other small items. Give way to your imagination and free yourself from plastic! ORICULI- ECOLOGICAL EARICKS Bamboo oriculi allows you to reduce your ecological footprint, save money and improve the health of your ears! A product that everyone should own. It replaces disposable earpicks. It has many advantages: Ecological: Made of bamboo and very durable! Economy: It replaces several hundred disposable earpicks! Good for health: It prevents the formation of earwax plugs. Use it once or twice a week to remove the earwax visible at the entrance to the ear. Don’t go any further. The earwax is an asset because it protects the eardrum, so it may as well keep it as long as it is not unsightly. You can quite use the oriculi for cleaning children’s ears, but it will absolutely have to be handled by an adult, with delicacy. The different colours make it possible to differentiate the oriculi from each member of the family. ALIMENTARY EMBALLAGE (Product included in the Zero Waste Kit sold online only, not included in the Kit sold in pharmacies) This replacement for your plastic wrap keeps your food fresher for longer. The blend of beeswax, resin tree oil and jojoba creates a fantastic envelope to cover a dish, or pack your fruits, vegetables, cheeses, herbs and more! Your products will stay fresh longer. Take the test with half an avocado or herbs, you will be surprised! Washable, reusable and antibacterial. The lifespan of this package varies depending on usage, but it should be in good condition for at least one year. Handmade in Quebec. Rinse in cold water with a sponge or cloth to wipe. You can use an unscented mild soap if necessary. The little story: Margaux, a mother of two, is concerned about protecting the environment. She wants to leave a healthy planet to her descendants. Working with beeswax allows him to act in this direction, while having fun. All beeswax comes from Quebec and part certified organic. It does everything it can to minimize its carbon footprint, including using leftover fabric. In addition, it uses biodegradable and compostable parchment paper for the packaging of its products. RIVERAIN-VEGAN SHAMPOO (NETTLE AND MARSHMALLOW) This shampoo, made from an oily macerâte of marshmallow roots and organic nettle leaves (ONEKA) is gentle, nourishing and fortifying. With this shampoo, you will have the most beautiful hair of the animal kingdom! Ideal for:All types of hair (dry, dyed, fine, curly, long, normal, dull, greasy). A must-see in the Zero Waste bathroom! Also very convenient when travelling. No more shampoo bottles leaking into the suitcase. 100% vegan product. 100gr MADAME BLANCHEVILLE SOAP – ORGANIC COCONUT OIL STAINING SOAP A fully vegetal country soap, made from organic coconut oil, for laundry by hand or to detach stubborn stains. Madame Blancheville soap cleans everything! It is useful in camping as an all-purpose and practical cleanser in a suitcase while travelling. Use without restriction anywhere in the house! This soap with great detaching power removes stubborn stains such as wine, blood, blueberries, grass, earth, etc. It is not abrasive. Can also be used for delicate laundry by hand. Can be used as all-purpose soap, for washing dishes in camping or for regular housekeeping (for example, for cleaning the bath). 200gr. DRYING BALLS

Economical and environmentally friendly, drying balls are a great alternative to traditional softening products.

They are 100% natural (alpaca felt), without dye and they are hypogenic.

They are available in a nice package (in packs of 3)

No more chemicals and artificial perfumes!

How does it work?

Simply add the 3 balls (together to maximize the action) in the dryer. When the dryer is running, the balls hit the linen to soften it and separate the pieces. This has the effect of allowing the air to be better distributed around the linen and thus speed up the drying time. In addition, they are made of 100% felt, which allows to absorb some of the moisture, having the effect of reducing the drying time. For those who like a fragrant laundry, a few drops of essential oils on the balls are enough to add a touch of freshness! Good to know: They will be effective for a few years. When efficiency decreases, you can add more balls to the dryer. If not, simply put them in the compost! REUSABLE HANDKERCHIEFS The handkerchiefs come in a practical format of 25 x 25 cm, which is suitable for children and adults! Organic cotton satin is the sweetest, it won’t irritate the little noses, or the biggest ones, even with a cold! We suggest using a basket in the bathroom to put your easily accessible handkerchiefs and a separate basket for the handkerchiefs that have been used. Children who use washable handkerchiefs at an early age at home become accustomed to it. For transport outside the home, use the waterproof duo pouch. Handkerchiefs become more absorbent as they go through the washes. Composition: 100% certified organic cotton satin Packaging: FSC-certified paper, plastic-free! REUSABLE TOILET PAPER A must-have in the Zero Waste bathroom! Set of 16 sheets of washable toilet paper, double thickness of flannel (without pressure buttons). Each leaflet measures 10″ x 5″. The slips are detached and packaged flat for transport. Use a wet bag or small plastic garbage can to place soiled slips while waiting for washing. For even more simplicity, use them in combination with the small multifunction box. Maintenance tips: -use a mild soap without bleach -Avoid liquid and bleach softeners -cold water rinse cycle if necessary -washing in lukewarm or hot water -dry in the open air or dryer All my tissues are pre-washed and dried to avoid any shrinkage and deformation. The flannel will reach its maximum absorption level after 2-3 washes. BULK BAG Ideal for bulk purchases! Each set consists of 5 pieces.
  • 1 coloured cotton bag that can also be used as a carrying pouch (18 cm x 26 cm).
  • 2 medium-sized white cotton poly bags (21 1/2 cm x 31 cm).
  • 2 large white cotton poly bags (27 cm x 34 cm).
The bags are machine washable and will keep their shape and colour for a very long time. Convenient double-cord closure for more waterproofing. Snacks, pastries or other small items can also be used to transport snacks, pastries or other small items. Give way to your imagination and free yourself from plastic! Handmade in Quebec by reintegration companies. BAG TO STORE BREAD AND VEGETABLES These beautiful bags are perfect for carrying and keeping bread fresh. They are also very practical for extending the shelf life of vegetables in the refrigerator. Handmade by Guy-Anne Morel, a Joliette craftswoman. These bags are very easy to wash. Just turn them over and put them in the washer. In order to extend their lifespan, it is recommended to avoid the dryer. Dimensions: 21cm x 46cm We hope this information will help you realize the true value of your Zero Waste Kit. It is not only environmentally friendly, but by buying it you take a concrete step to encourage several small businesses well from home. You give a nod to parents who work hard to build ecoLOGIC businesses and leave the best to their children. Never forget that “buy is vote”! Sincerely… Thank you very much! Julie-Anne and Audrée