For more than five years now, we have been working with various companies to offer quality gifts to their employees. Whether it’s for Christmas gifts, employee loyalty or any other important event, it’s both a pleasure and an honor to contribute to their success.

Custom boxes

The products we offer at the store are almost all made in Quebec (we are a little embarrassed about the 1% made abroad, but otherwise it is almost flawless!) We offer carefully selected items that we have tested, tasted and loved. We like to work directly with the artisan behind the products. Moreover, when we choose a new article, it is often because we like the craftsman as much as the product! We like to encourage and support the artisans, the humans behind these companies.

It is important to us that the approach is eco-responsible and human; that there is a real awareness of the naturalness in each company that we choose to make you discover on our shelves.

Offering a custom-made box, containing a selection of Quebec products, is to encourage all these small businesses and local people.

  • Here are a few examples of boxes made this year. We can offer you different themes, whether it is gourmet, focused on relaxation or more practical!

Ideas of favorite products to offer

Here is a selection of our store’s star products, which we like to offer as corporate gifts!

Customizable gifts

For more than a year now, we have been manufacturing our own products. Your feedback has been so great and so positive, that we are now producing many more products than expected. And we are so happy about it! (dance of joy!)

And it is now with great pleasure and honor that we help represent your company on our products.

It is therefore possible to customize the labels to your company’s look and/or your current desires. Here are a few examples of the custom products we’ve been making lately.

  • The scents are different according to your desires and requests! The label design can be done by our team, with your inspiration and branding! We are happy to work with a design that you provide. So if you prefer to let your graphic designer (or your creativity!) take care of the label design, there is no problem.

REMAX Team – 30h Soybean Candle – Balsam Fir The design is made by REMAX.

École de l’Orée-des-Cantons – Soy candle 30h – Stroll in the Orchard The design is made by the Folles d’ici team.

The House of Leaders – 50h Soybean Candle – The design is made by the company.

Psst! All the products we manufacture are customizable! So you could see your logo on our candles, bath milks, room mists, reed diffusers, and more!  

We can realize your desires and wishes for the event you are organizing. Whether it’s for a wedding, a company anniversary, a launch, a gala or any other occasion, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project. We are available for any questions and special requests! 🙂 – : +1 514-232-4955

Looking forward to working with you! ❤