Where far as terroir is said to be a good product from home! We think maple syrup, honey, corn, mushrooms, garlic, violin head, etc. But it is often forgotten that Quebec is the land of blue gold with its majestic St. Lawrence River which is one of the longest rivers in the world with its drainage basin of 1,610,000 km2. It’s an open-air pantry! It is full of edible plants rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins of all kinds. So why not incorporate them into our diet? Or rather reintegrate them, since we know that the Amerindians have always used its resources to feed themselves… Claudie Gagné, owner of the Gardens of the Sea, understood this well. This Kamouraska strike runner has developed a range of products that are easy to cook and full of flavours from home. Whether it’s salty herbs, seaweed, sea pepper or seaweed salt, just add them to your favourite recipes. Sprinkle a little Nori on your fish and seafood, a little seaweed in your omelettes and a spoonful of salted herbs in your potatoes. Your classics will be reinvented, your guests impressed and your children healthy! Moreover, as we know the current oil projects pose a direct threat to our pantry, both marine and terrestrial. The conservation of the banks and the St. Lawrence River is at the very heart of the mission of the Gardens of the Sea. Claudie and her colleagues actively advocate and raise awareness about the fragility of the precious flats, beaches and banks of the St. Lawrence River in order to awaken people to love and protect our collective marine pantry. So when you buy its products, you not only buy local, but you also buy a cause that should be close to our hearts. The Gardens of the Sea is a culinary discovery, but also a social one!