Eating organic, vegan, local or health… In 2018, food is definitely a talking point! From production methods, from benefits and dangers to calories, everything is under the microscope and becomes something for reflection. Drowning at the heart of these multiple concerns, harvesting in the forest escapes the collective attention. It is so simple and natural: it does not make scandals or shows. Quebec’s forests are full of little-known delights. Admittedly, they are not certified organic, but they could not be more natural. Over the seasons, hundreds of discreet pickers reap these wonders. Their main goal: to find the same talle next year. They do not uproot, water, cut. They prune, care, observe, and above all, they respect. Gourmet Sauvage, a favourite company, introduces us to boreal gastronomy. There are many edible plants available in Quebec. Ariane Paré-Le Gal took the queens of the company set up by her father two decades ago. This inspiring woman and her collaborators, craftsmen of the woods, pot hearts of cattails, salicorne, chicory, cedar, and much more. “Since we opened the shop, the products from the harvest in the forest always bring nice discussions with our customers. They are sometimes delighted to rediscover a food once cooked by their grandmother or, again, they are surprised to learn that they could use the thorns of their balsam fir to season their hamburger. We are happy when a customer leaves with a small pot whose contents have been picked in the forest. It’s both delicious and eco-friendly,” said Audrée and Julie-Anne, the owners of the Folles d’ici boutique, located in the heart of Joliette. Whether for their taste qualities, their originality, their benefits or their eco-responsible aspect, the edible forest plants of our beautiful province definitely deserve to be put on the menu!