The use of reusable bags is already well entrenched in our lifestyles. We have adopted reusable bags to put the contents of our grocery store or other purchase. This habit obviously has an impact on our ecological footprint. But what about fruit and vegetable bags? Why aren’t these little bags part of our usual changes, when we know they are just as harmful to the environment?

Every year in Canada, 9 billion plastic bags for fruits and vegetables are used. With these 9 billion bags we could go 55 times around the earth.

These bags take 1 second to produce,are used on average 20 minutes and take 400 years to disappear into the wild.

Plastic bags are difficult to recycle. They are very light, they tend to fly easily, and they are found everywhere in natural environments: fields, rivers, mountains and oceans.

Saksac has tackled this problem by creating beautiful reusable fruit and vegetable bags. Saksacs are manufactured in Quebec by social and professional integration companies. More than 25% of the sale price is paid to these companies.

Five bags, about $25, it’s not expensive paid when we know that after only 5 uses we make a real difference in our ecological footprint. These bags are designed to be very durable, it can be used for years.

Fruit and vegetable saksac

Small bonus, they make our life easier! We wash our fruits and vegetables directly in the fillet bags, let them dry for a few minutes on the counter and store them directly in the fridge.

We love them because they are beautiful, practical and eco-friendly. Another easy habit to adopt to strive towards a zero waste lifestyle!