Trio de Confitures – Petit Déjeuner Gourmet (Simon Turcotte)


These jams and jellies are an invitation to celebrate morning happiness. Carefully sipped fruit, they are ideal partners for roasts, croissants and yogurts.
Pear, vanilla and grapefruit 125 ml: A real enchantment that this trio of flavors where the delicate pieces of pear are enveloped with the penetrating taste of vanilla and aromas of grapefruit zest.
Wild maple blueberry 125 ml: This gourmet spread happily combines the incomparable fruitiness of blueberries with the rich, buttery flavours of maple syrup.
Rose jelly and wild raspberry 125 ml: This jelly contains all the tasty nuances of wild flowers and fruits: the very essence of the sweetest voluptuousness.

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