Trio of jams – Small Nordic Fruits (Simon Turcotte)


What could be better than these little-known northern berries in our forests to surprise our taste buds? By creating this new trio, we want to introduce gourmets to these concentrated fruits in flavor, and reintroduce the tradition of our ancestors who turned them into jam to potted the taste of summer.

Camerise 125 ml: Also known as blue honeysuckle, the camery, native to Eurasia, blends perfectly with a sheep’s tomme, plain yogurt or lamb.
Raspberry and cherry 125 ml: This tasty red fruit blend is perfect to enjoy with pancakes, croissants or an old gruyere.
Airelle, arugula 125 ml: A full-bodied spread, excellent with game, terrines and pâtés. The taste of red blueberry, a close cousin of cranberries, is enhanced by sea buckthorn fruit.

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