Trio of jellies and compote – Cooking Secrets (Simon Turcotte)


Unprecedented flavours to awaken your creativity during your culinary flights. These exclusive products will add a touch of refinement to create a menu that will amaze your guests.
Cranberry, orange, Sichuan pepper – 125 ml: Surprising with duck confit, sausages and game. It also enhances sauces for pork and poultry.
Rosemary lemon jelly – 125 ml: Perfectly serves chicken grills, trout fillets and salmon pavers, seafood, lamb and rabbit rillette.
Fresh basil cheekbone jelly – 125 ml: Aromatic to taste, it can be enjoyed with pork chops, turkey and country pâtés. To impress the gallery, it can also be used to glaze asian-fried shrimp with ginger.

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