Hygienic towels – Regular pads (Öko Creations)


Set of 2 sanitary towels (normal to very high flow).

The sanitary towels offer excellent protection for a normal to very high flow during menstruation or for urinary leakage.

Made from 3 layers of absorbent hemp and a waterproof-breathing film, they are thin, comfortable and effective.

Just like disposable towels, washable sanitary towels with creations have wings. These hold the towel in place with a thin pressure button attached under the underwear.

The tissue in contact with the skin is natural fiber, undyed and unbleached. This reduces the risk of irritation, infection and allergy. The colorful patterns on the back of our towels add a touch of gaiety!

The ‘ko-pads’ will not shrink or deform in the wash.

Let’s bet it’s easier than you thought!