Panties -Tangas (Öko Creations)


The Öko-mini for Tanga is a pantiliner designed for use with tanga underwear. It offers light protection for thin discharge during or between periods or for extra protection when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. The protection is thin and discreet, and its presence is barely felt.

The fabric in contact with the skin is made of organic cotton specially knitted to absorb liquids quickly. It is available in natural (ideal if you are sensitive) or tinted (perfect for camouflaging spots). The center is made of hemp absorbent and naturally antibacterial.

Just like conventional protection, a pair of wings with very thin snaps allows the protection to be attached to the panties. The wide front and slim back shape allows the protection to fit over thong-type underwear.

The ko Mnis for tangas will not shrink or deform in the wash.

Let’s bet it’s easier than you thought!