Mini panty liners for tangas (Oko Creations)


Set of 2 sanitary pads (light to medium flow)

This sanitary towel design has been designed specifically for use with Tanga-style underwear.

Its wide shape at the front and thin at the back is therefore well suited. It offers light protection for fine losses during or between periods or for additional protection when wearing a tampon.

Made from 2 layers of absorbent hemp and a thickness of organic cotton, this underside protector is thin and effective.

Just like disposable towels, washable sanitary towels with creations have wings. These hold the towel in place with a thin pressure button attached under the underwear.

The tissue in contact with the skin is undying and unbleached to avoid infections while the back of our towels is pretty and attractive!

The ko Mnis for tangas will not shrink or deform in the wash.

Let’s bet it’s easier than you thought!

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