Reusable protective mask (Bigarade)


Polypropylene filters retain their filtering capacity for 50 washes.

Before the first use, wash in hot water (60-75oC) for 30 minutes, with a dethrant to inactivate the related coronaviruses.

Wash after each use.

Designed for 50 washes/150 hours of use (a maximum of 3 consecutive hours is recommended)


  • Ergonomic reusable insulation mask
  • Made in Quebec
  • Double knit 100% polyester
  • 100% polypropylene filter
  • Reusable
  • Washable up to 50 times
  • Easy maintenance, hot water washer and regular drying
  • Ergonomic and does not move during movements
  • Very soft facial fabrics
  • Comfortable for the ears and nose
  • Fits for all face shapes

These masks can also be very practical for beauticians, groomers or other crafts where you would like to protect yourself from different particles and dust, without having to use a disposable mask.

These masks are awaiting approval (certified) by Health Canada. They are more effective than simple cotton masks. Leaving a mask in the laboratory is a long process. But the ultimate goal is that these masks can be used in hospitals.


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