Handkerchief – By Unit (Bateau Bateau)


Ultra-soft washable handkerchiefs.

The handkerchiefs are white, square, the size of a disposable handkerchief, cut simply and without oversized to give a trompe l’oeil effect. So, in public, you’ll look like you’re blowing your nose in a disposable handkerchief rather than a cloth handkerchief.

  • Hygienic: Use by handkerchief (no snot in the pockets!). We blow our nose and we have the dirty handkerchief in the basket (available in the Bateau Bateau sets) until the next wash.
  • Super soft: A luxury handkerchief compared to paper handkerchiefs! And compared to many other tissues, because bamboo is much softer and softer than woven cotton and flannel.
  • Biological and ecological: Natural, unbleached and dye-free. Made from a renewable source of fibre: bamboo, with organic cotton. All certified OEKO-TEX and CPSIA and manufactured in an eco-responsible factory without chemical agents. Cutting is done locally in Quebec.


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