Face and Hand Gift Box (Chanv)


For a clean and healthy face, there’s nothing better than a natural exfoliator to dislodge dirt in beauty! Add to that a face cream, day or night, and for a little more, finish it all with the totally restorative hand cream. You will get a soft finish and most importantly, you will be well hydrated.

Hand cream: Refreshes and relieves quickly / Deep penetrating / Promotes blood circulation / Protective effect / Helps soothe dry and chapped skin / Does not leave hands oily / Fresh smell of mint and ginger

Exfoliating: Leaves a smooth and silky skin / Promotes cell renewal / Sugar-based soft exfoliator / Suitable for sensitive skin / Fresh grapefruit smell

Face cream: Soothes sensitive skin / Hydrates skin quickly / Prevents aging / Offers a silky and matte finish / Suitable for any skin type

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