Find your shampoo!


Don’t you dare make the leap to bar shampoos?

Desperately looking for THE right shampoo for your mane as rebellious as it is unique?

Here’s THE simple, efficient and cost-effective solution:

  1. Buy this discovery box
  2. In the
    section (at the checkout) tells us about your hair… Are they fat, dry or normal? Dyed, coppery, blond or white? Let go and tell us everything you think is relevant (or not!).
  3. We custom-design a box consisting of 5 shampoos (small sizes) and 1 conditioner (small size) that we think are perfect for TES hair.
  4. Try each of them and find TON perfect shampoos!

If you want to get 6 shampoos and no conditioners, just mention it in comments.

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