Bioplastic rechargeable toothbrush – MEDIUM (Caliquo)


Featuring a bioplastic handle,this eco-friendly toothbrush has a rechargeable head. So you can keep the handle extremely long and replace only the used part, ie the hairs!

With the secure clip system, all you have to do is press your head and throw it away and then put another one back on!

Bioplastic is made from castor – the plant and its seeds. We are therefore talking about bio-sourced plastic, i.e. an innovative material made from the synthesis of organic, renewable, plant-based elements.

Using bioplastics is a first natural alternative to fossil-based plastic that is depleted in the world.

  • French manufacturing
  • Channel made up of 70% bioplastic
  • Rechargeable head
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly product