Black Garlic in Pod (La Belle Gousse)


Black garlic is distinguished by its balsamic vinegar aromas and a rather pronounced sweet taste. It has almost nothing to do with classic garlic.

The transformation of fresh garlic into black garlic is due to a special fermentation process (a thousand-year-old Japanese process) which consists of enzymatic degradation accompanied by the Maillard reaction, responsible for the caramelization of sugars and the appearance of the dark color and complex flavors.

Several researches show that the benefits of garlic are increased tenfold when it is transformed into black garlic: super antioxidant, immune system stimulant, neuroprotective effects, cholesterol lowering effects, anti-carcinogenic power.

Suggestions for use:
Enjoy it on its own, with cheese, in mayonnaise, in sauce, and even in pastries!