Lunch bag 2 in 1 (Miss ProjectSSS)

An original lunch bag, ultra resistant and above all… Made from materials that would have been discarded!

This insulated lunch bag is made from pool and canvas canvases used in spa lids. Imagine the strength of the materials!!

The materials used are new. These are samples that would have been discarded. But a couple of creative Lanaudois are busy giving them a second life.

At least 60% of this bag is made of new equipment that was still destined for the dump.

The equipment used is durable, easy to wash, and keeps your lunch cool for 5 hours.

The double insulated can be removed, so this bag becomes a shopping bag or even a handbag.

Inside, the pool canvas pouch allows you to put wet washcloths. You can also use it to store your mask safely.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.