When Audrée and I were born, our parents planted a tree. In the courtyard of the house that saw us grow up, there was my pear tree and the plum tree of Audrée.

Every spring, it was with great interest that I observed its flowers, hoping that it would offer me just as many delicious pears. This tree, it made me dream. I loved her.

My eldest, Alanis, was born while Quebec was breaking cold records, which gave me a few months to get to know her before the mild spring reminds me that I had to plant her tree. I chose a Marsh Oak. We planted him at the cottage, on the edge of the lake that witnessed our meeting, to his father and me. An oak tree is strong, it faces the winds without letting it fall. Like Alanis.

Eloise was born the day before a storm. She was a few weeks old and I was already thinking about when the sun was going to warm the ground so we could plant her tree. For my sweet Eloise, it is the Weeping Willow who has imposed himself. Just like this majestic tree, it adapts flexibly to events, it exudes serenity.

I’ve always loved nature. Being surrounded by trees is essential to my happiness. When I discovered My Wooden Lifestyle, I had (and yes… again!) a crush! Alexia and Denis, a couple from France, living in Montreal, design and design high-quality wooden glasses and watches. There is a wooded area behind my house, I have an old wooden furniture in my living room, a wall of planks from a century-old barn in my shop… and why not recycled wooden skateboard glasses? In addition, they are eco-responsible objects. I was already convinced. I met Alexia and Denis. They told me that on the lot of the great aunt in Denis, the children of the family all have their own trees. And it is in honor of this tradition that, for every item sold, these nature lovers make sure that a tree is planted. You buy an item and a tree is set in the ground. Life sometimes gives us funny winks. It’s been so long since I took the time to think about my childhood… Then, it seemed obvious to me: if I like to have a shop so much, it’s because it leads me to know extraordinary people and to hear their memorable stories. My Wooden Lifestyle watches and sunglasses are available in the “Fashion Accessories” section of our website and in-store.
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