This logo, it’s far from just a picture. Rather, it is a reflection of our values and our vision of an eco-responsible way of life…

Produce less waste means first and foremost consuming less and consuming less Better. This implies a detachment of material goods.

For us, the detachment began when we moved to Panama. We had to sorting out our assets so that we keep only the essentials. Keep only this that we could hang out on our backs.

Hey boy! Our paksac were heavy and packed! It took us hours to make our choices… heartbreaking choices.

In fact, it is dragged our house, our ‘essentials’, our life on our backs… and one thing is certain, we were walking really slowly.

At the looking for challenges, in search of a new life, we have instead discovered a new way of looking at things. Our perception of material goods, waste and nature has been completely disrupted during this period. Adventure. We quickly realized that all this, we were dragging him for nothing. In the background, we could have left with our passports and our bathing suit! What really mattered, it was the humans who crossed our path and the breathtaking landscapes.

For us, the snail represents the slow and steady journey towards a goal. A pleasant walk in nature and in perfect connection with the earth. A walk or everyone goes at their own pace.

We are convinced that waste reduction must be done gradually. Also slowly that cruising speed of a snail! One imagines that a snail does not like to turn back. At the speed at which it goes, better Walk towards the goal to reach without taking too many detours!

And then the snail is also a nice nod to the followers of the zero-waste lifestyle. You may be part of those who drag their homes behind their backs! For avoid consuming ‘disposables’, carry your bags, pots, utensils, coffee cup, gourd, and more?

Get on board with us, in our slow walk that will surely lead us to a future Best?