Our whole way of life is based on certain habits that are rooted in the depths of our lives. Without even being aware of it, it is these habits that lead our choices and our perception of the world, and then it can be difficult to replace them.

Having a “zero waste lifestyle” is not created overnight, far from it. Everything starts with an idea, a facebook channel that has ended up on our screens, media that talk more and more about pollution and climate… simple things that end up crossing our gaze, our mind, and then reaching us, stimulating us the pooch.

Then we talk about it, we think about it more and more, and then it ends up making some sense… We can make choices that will contribute to the good of the environment!

It is by integrating new customs, one at a time, that we can change our way of life. We must revive our inner child, who will be discovering a new world, in a way. It’s about simplifying yourself, making yourself aware, and finally making yourself lighter.

Let’s start with the acquisition of a simple reusable bottle, let’s start by scratching the plastic bottles of our lives! This is a simple gesture that can already reduce some of the waste we create. Reduce the consumption of single-use plastic (plastic covers, plastic bags at the grocery store, straws, plastic dishes, any plastic bags… and BIEN more) can be a very good goal at first.

So an idea that germinates more and more in our minds. No more, no less. Then, what is important is to respect each other, to take your time to accommodate a natural transition, without pressure. So, quietly, we reduce our unnecessary purchases, we think in a simpler way and consume better and better.

Listening to podcasts, documentaries, articles on ecology and the environment, as well as on zero waste can also be very good, because when we are well informed we act more consciously.

We live in a world where everything is moving very fast… where everything is in a hurry and has to go very quickly. Let’s take the time to slow down a bit, and then go back to the present moment to help the future, by passing on purchases. After all, we create the demand…