When you have a business like ours, you are constantly asked for new products. It’s a lot of ideas and we start doing some research.

And it is at this very moment that we put our hands in a dangerous gear. It is at this very moment that we discover a world of ultra-paying possibilities… a MADE IN CHINA world. A world where everything is at ridiculously low prices. A world where the service offered to entrepreneurs is courteous, fast and extremely efficient.

Before continuing… Mea culpa: We sell some items made in China.

In our defence, each of them has its own raison d’être. Generally, we decline when the product is in high demand and is not manufactured in Quebec or Canada. And, above all, that we believe that it is a durable object, which will be used to replace disposables, also generally MADE IN CHINA. And still, we don’t like it. We would like everything to be in version DONE IN QUEBEC!! (Well actually, to think about it, not really … but that’s another topic ????)

Companies know that you are becoming more aware, alert and that you place great importance on where you buy. And to meet this demand by continuing to make cash… many specialize in the wonderful $$ world $$ from REBRANDING $$.

It’s easy! You buy a large amount of an X product. Thus, the supplier offers to put your logo on it for free. Or it’s harder in business, and it charges you a big $0.02 US per item to do it.

A few weeks later, you have a beautiful object in your hands. And your magnificent logo adds a nice little Quebec air!

Quick, you put it online!

Oops! You were in such a hurry to put it online that you completely forgot to mention its provenance.

There you go!! This is how, available by the thousands, glasses, toothbrushes, earpicks, vegetable brushes, hairbrushes, straws, oriculis, etc. ”looked” quite Quebecois! As a bonus, it’s not too expensive and eco-friendly!

Every week, Audrée and I discuss these companies. We watch them go and it us off.

And it us off even more when a customer reproaches us for having the CHINA version, while our competitor sells the QUEBEC version.

And the only thing we can answer is:

I’m just selling you the honest version.
Just the covert version.
T’s, the untedé-disguised version.
Worse it’s not because I didn’t want to pay $0.02US per item to have my logo on it.

It’s “just” because I want to keep sleeping at night.