Out of my sight the bubble wrap! It is true that in the best of all possible worlds, we would not want any packaging. But if we apply this rule and send your items without protection, we risk seeing our mailbox full!

The delivery chain

Quebec is a big place, we can’t do the delivery ourselves. Then you have to deal with a carrier. Then the carriers… they don’t necessarily know that in the package are hidden beautiful and fragile local products. So in the transport chain, your little box knows a thousand and one little tricks. (throwing contest sometimes?)

We did the test though! And we believe that even products that we categorized as “non fragile” arrived broken. So we had to decide to pack. But there is no way to create a waste to send zero waste. It just doesn ‘t make sense!

The best packaging

“The best waste is the one we don’t produce”

So we started collecting what we had on hand that could be used to protect your orders: newspaper, shoe box wrappers, paper from orders we receive, etc. By using them, we save them from the destiny of garbage or recycling and offer them a second life.

It may not be as cute, but it’s so much more eco-friendly! We collect ALL the packaging we receive from our partners. And the fun part is that we work mainly with local companies that are ecologically minded and have an eco-responsible approach. Often, we recover packaging already recovered by our suppliers. And we create a multi-purpose packaging line! Isn’t that beautiful?

Box and paper collection!

We are extremely lucky: our neighbors in the city center are friendly and eco-friendly! They like our idea so much that they deliver their empty boxes to us instead of putting them in the recycling bin! What more could you ask for?!

Ever wonder why you get your beautiful products in a box of hair products?

Well yes, it was Josée La Barbière who gave us this box…or maybe it was Laurie from Pop Penelope? Long live the green merchants of Joliette!

Then, if you saw the astronomical quantity of paper, plastic and cardboard destined to be thrown away… it’s appalling! Truly appalling! The fact that some companies still ship a mini product packed in a giant box, full of Styrofoam, makes our hair stand on end.

An order that does not produce waste

It is very important for us to be in accordance with our values and our way of life. It is essential that our philosophy of life and our respect for nature be reflected in the company. By opting for reuse, we accept all the constraints that this requires.

Because yes, finding THE right box and finding THE right paper that is not too wrinkled takes more time and patience. But we are convinced of one thing, that this time invested is nothing compared to the time it would take the Earth to dispose of thousands of additional waste.

Each order prepared and sent is different. And we love the taste of surprise!