Audrée and I had been dreaming of having our company for almost 10 years. All these years, we have discussed it for hundreds of hours. We have developed a dozen projects. We dreamed so much…

It has always been clear that our company must be in line with our values: fairness, respect, empathy, the sharing of wealth, the defence of workers’ rights, the concern to improve the living conditions of the next generation, the pride of being Quebecois and the importance of the French language. These principles, instilled by our parents, rocked our childhood and adolescence. These values are so ingrained in us, they were certainly going to be the foundation of our company…

In short, we decided to open a shop that would highlight products made in Quebec. The foodies in us wanted to make accessible the delights of the terroir from various regions of our beautiful province. Then we thought: It would be great to add eco-responsible handmade kitchen accessories to this!

And that’s where we were caught up in the Zero Waste wave! Reusable sandwich bags and eco-friendly food packaging seemed so much more appropriate than unnecessary kitchen bevels!

At that time, we had no idea that the Zero Waste movement was going to grow. We never thought that our company, by its eco-responsible values, would take part in the tsunami of collective awareness that is taking place today.

Quickly, it became obvious: Our company was not only a business, it was also a concrete tool to change things, to act, to raise awareness, to educate and above all, to share our environmental values.

Without realizing it, we built a project that brought together what we care about, and which, at the same time, evokes such beautiful childhood memories. Can’t tell you about them here! In a nutshell, I’m talking about mom and dad, who fought for respect in all its forms. I also think of Grandma who feeds her compost, then turns to raspberry plans to offer me a ”raspberry not washed, with maybe a little worm, but it’s okay, it’s full of protein”.

For as long as I can remember, I have never participated in a demonstration without shedding a tear. Not for the cause. But rather because seeing so many people united, strong, determined, convinced, and above all, filled with hope, has always moved me to the point.

All this to tell you that on March 15, the shop will be Closed.

We’ll be on the streets. We will participate in the global climate strike. We will shout with all our might, with the hope that things will change. With the hope that our children and our grandchildren will also eat raspberries that are not washed with little protein-packed worms.