With all the current events, combined with the seasonal depression, there is a need to get back to basics all over the province. You learn and relearn to take care of yourself. Because how important it is!

In this winter season of re-confinement the key word is PLAISIR. We give ourselves love in the comfort of our own homes. ♡ (because we deserve it!)


What better way to relax than a good infusion of the boreal forest? The lands of North America are teeming with plants that help and support our bodies when the cold weather arrives. The rhythm of the seasons is so well done! Then, what is more eco-friendly than to consume, responsibly, the treasures of our home?

In this month a little tristounet, let’s honor our body by giving it all the energy it deserves. Nature is the best resource for that!

Native Americans and Inuit have been consuming Labrador tea for centuries. Its antioxidant properties are incredible! Pilki infusions are a harmonious blend of this plant with a thousand and one virtues added to ingredients from our forests still very little known. Without theine, they can be enjoyed in the evening. These infusions come from responsible wild picking.

Zero Waste Tips

Is your tea brewed enough? No trouble, you can reuse the infused leaves:

– Apply the leaves to your face to relieve your irritated skin (sunburn, pimple, fragility)

– Infuse them in your bath for a relaxing sweetness.


The emblem of cocooning and the representation of slow life is undoubtedly the candle. The one that we light in grey weather, the one that warms our hearts on the most sullen days, the one that accompanies our readings under our softie. It is for all these reasons, and much more, that the choice of our candle must be thought and thought.

On the market, most candles are made of paraffin,which is no more or less a derivative of oil. Suffice to say that breathing these candles is not healthy for your body. In addition, the petrochemical nature of this wax makes it considerably more polluting than vegetable waxes. This is where the soy wax candles come in, which are 100% natural!

Crealo candles are little treasures. The art of concrete is perfectly mastered by this pretty Granby company. Each candle is handmade and has an atypical look. The intoxicating smells will bring joy and serenity to your cocooning moment.


What is more soothing to the mind than giving yourself time to read? But again, there is no question of leaving an ecological footprint too large.

Don’t go crazy either! But, since I was little, I confess that I have a big problem with books sleeping on the shelves. So many beautiful stories, extraordinary knowledge, unique stories should not stay too many years without being open.

Besides this little emotional parenthesis, a paper book read that only once is an ecological inconsistency.

The alternatives?

  • Go to the library – The most environmentally friendly and economical alternative!
  • Buy used – Many shops and chains sell used books. This alternative is wonderful for library rats who are always looking for new things. It’s crazy everything you can find by snooping around a little bit! Are you looking for a particular book? If you take a look at Kijiji, Marketplace and other retail platforms, you’ll definitely find THE book you’re looking for.
  • Ready, exchange – Get those around you involved! Why not take the initiative to organize a book tour with friends? In addition to being great fun, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover new authors and gain knowledge.
  • Gives, offers – A book is made to be shared, the lines are written to travel from mind to mind. Find out about the collection points near you.
  • What about the reader? We tend to think that this one is a wonderful alternative because we don’t have to cut down trees. But actually if we dig a little deeper, not that much. Producing electronic devices remains more polluting.

Zero Waste Tip

Why not offer your sleeping book collection to an awakened mind around you? A book is made to be shared, the lines are written to travel from mind to mind.


It is forbidden to neglect one’s well-being! You set up your schedule and you offer yourself a moment intimately cocooning of oneself, for yourself.

What could be more relaxing for the soul than a good bath?

One of our favorites: Bubulles de Tonic’sBubble Bath. If you like moss you’ll be pampered! Handmade in Montreal, this bubble bath requires only a small amount to make you have a pleasant time. We love it! Vegan, local, natural ingredients, suitable for children.


Pollution, stress, temperature change… our skin suffers! Winter is, without a doubt, a critical season and therefore perfect to give it a little break.

“Don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth”

An unwritten rule that allows us to sort our products. Our skin is a real sponge to dirty! Preferring natural products remains the best for your beautiful skin as well as for the environment. In addition to being eco-friendly, natural products are divine for our skin... actually for our whole body.

The b-a-ba of healthy skin is clean skin. Make-up ant-up or not, it is important to include facial cleansingin your routine. Your skin will thank you later! But be careful, we want to purify and not strip!

The Bkind Natural Konjac Sponge is the pearl for easy cleaning. With her, you won’t even need soap! Still, it will rid you of impurities perfectly, without damaging your skin. Once you reach the end of her life, you can put her directly in compost.

Zero Waste Tip

Do you drink coffee? Make your own exfoliator!
Get lE marC from your morning coffee, add the vegetable oil of your choice (coco, argan…) and hop here you are with a 100% natural exfoliator ultra effective! You can also add a few drops of essential oil after you have well documented their uses. ZERO WASTE AND ZERO WASTE!

Creating a cocooning moment is the best gift to offer in these times of change.

We’ve put all our favorite products together for a sweet time under your softie. A complete kit for a moment of self. Good relaxation! Xxx