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We are two enthusiasts who have decided to put all our energy into promoting MADE IN QUÉBEC and creating a zero waste boutique featuring local and eco-responsible products.

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Zero Waste: Where to start?

In recent months, we have heard a lot about the Zero Waste movement. The idea of producing no waste may seem extreme and unattainable!

His name is, in our opinion, the main obstacle to this wonderful movement. We believe that everyone can reduce their waste and make ecological choices without requiring a total change in family habits. Our main objective with this zero waste shop is to democratize this ecological movement and to ensure that a large number of people join it. Because numbers are strength, quite simply!

What if we collectively take on the challenge of producing less waste?

Like a snail moving slowly, but surely, towards its goal… you can make a difference. No need to run, the important thing is to reach your destination. We will help you progress towards an approach that will bring you well-being, satisfaction and pride, without making any sacrifices!

The process of reducing waste can only start with one thing: awareness. Approach the transition broadly. Reducing your ecological footprint also involves reviewing different lifestyles, buying local, sustainable and eco-responsible products. Consume less, but consume better!

The basic principles of zero waste